Sunday, April 11, 2004

and another thing, now JLB and LeW are going out. i think its weird because they really dont seem to have anything in common. plus she always hated him, so thats weird too, like the whole JFB thing was scewy. but SjB says that she liked him for a while so both MaR and me feel sort of "betrayed" but thats not really the word. its just that she didnt tell us, like i tell everyone everything and so does MaR, so i dont really know. and i also feel bad for SjB becuase she liked him too, but she doesnt seem upset, she thinks its really gunna work super well, but whatever, the whole thing is weird. but thats it. BL. SM.
OMG i had the weirdest dream last night. So fMH and i were at this camp, and it was fun, and we were playing this game against the boys cabin and the counsler told me to shoot one of the boys with an air gun to get him out. So then i did and i got kicked out from camp, but then 3 days later they let me come back. Then i was at an ice arena and someone told me that AeB liked me, but wanted me to ask him out, then someone said that HmW liked me too. so i was confused, and then KiS threw my book on the ice, and i ended up asking out AeB in my dream. Then i was doing homework for science and i was with BdS on a "nature walk" and it was really fun, and we were crossing this bridge and i fell in the little pond. and then we went to this hotel and we were supposed to get room service, but it never came, so JeH went to find it, and then she said that fMH had dissapeared on a snowmobile, so she and i went to find her, except JeH took the other snowmoblie and i took a car, and we were going down the highway, and i saw this landmark thingy, and it was this convertable and this woman and her two kids in this car and they all ad their mouths open and looked like they were freaking out, and then i stopped and looked, becuase it looked like they had fallen over the edge of the road and died. and then i was with fMH and TtJ in J H, except SV was in JH, so we went to see it, and i saw A and F there and there was a lot of snow on the outdoor rink. It was the weirdest dream ive ever had. but its EASTER!!! so go celebrate!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

hey wow so its tuesday night and im supposed to be doing my homework, but i really dont want to. so yep! mom is gone vaccinating someones horses, so im home alone. party party! so my "friends" that it was ok to not ignore me anymore, so thats good. i rode meghan today and she was pretty good, so yea. then i had to skip golf, but yesterday it was so so much fun becuase PeQ and KgS and me just basically banged golf balls around and cheated and it was so much fun. so yep! theres not really much new in my life at all. so im gunna go watch Gilmore Girls! BL SM!

Sunday, April 04, 2004

hey hey. hmm whats new? well i drove my little peanut today, he was good, as always. and he got clipped so he has no hair and he looks so so cute!!! and then i was doing trail with him and i was trying to get him on the mini stand and he ended laying his whole head and neck on me while trying to bite me, then he swung his head around and smacked me in the ear and it really hurt becuase my earring backs went into my head and it really really hurt. and we putting cassie tomorrow and its so so sad...and its almost 10 and i have school tomorrow (tear) so i should probably try to get to bed so i can maybe get enough sleep. bubi BL. SM.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

i cannot believe im actually doing this. I hate these things so so much. im just bored and its so much easier than writing in an acutal diary. so, what to say...well right now mom is gone on her vacation in Texas and dad went to Grams to get her dying dog who we hafta put down on Sunday, god im gunna miss her so so much. and im spending my saturday night cleaning the house and watching the emporers new groove becuase its on TV. if you cant tell already i have no life. mom just yelled at me today...why in the world does she think its completely necessary to call just to yell at me? but anyways, we start school on monday (shoot me) and im so so screwed. i just wish i wasnt here, i want to be a completely different person, whos not sitting at home on a SATURDAY night doing nothing and watching a G rated movie and eating easy mac. i just wish that my life were different. I feel like im a clock and im going in circles with no goal or destination, and im always anticipating the future, and then when it comes, theres nothing there. and im just not good at everything. i actually think im kind of good at skating, but theres always at least 5 people better than me, same with riding. i think ive had a great lesson, but if someone else had that same lesson, they wouldn't think it was at all good. i just want to be the best at something for a change, but i dont think its ever going to happen. So yep! im going to drive my mini, peanut ,tomorrow (yea)!!!! Peanut is so cute its unbearable! i just love him so so much, even though he can be a complete idiot sometimes. I almost cant wait to go back to school becuase my life is so so boring right now, and its so depressing, like its nice to have a few days off, but after a while it gets old and a little depressing. but i cant really think of anything else to say, and i really hafta go call ruby about picking me up tomorrow to take me up to drive little Peanut. so BL SM.

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